28. sep. 2009

About Solveig Tange

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As a Dane Solveig Tange knew no more about champagne than most people when she arrived in the region of Champagne in 2003: 1) If somebody buys you champagne you get a special treat. 2) Quality champagne is likely to make you feel good fast. Her horizon widened considerably as she decided to get deeper involved in the work with the grapes.

She had already had her first rendez-vous with the grapes in 2002. One day of vendange is not much but it was enough to understand that the only way you can join this special world of vineyards and wines is to do it yourself. Her first full grape harvest was in 2004. Two years later she passed her pruning exams - a proud moment indeed - and since very useful as well.

The process of pruning is long and hard. From January to the month of March each vine is manually reduced to very little to maintain the health of the plants. Later surplus buds will be removed, the new branches bound and surplus branches removed and the rest rearranged along the wires. The work in the vineyards follows the seasons and provides simple pleasures of the open air. Nature as it is: Always the same, yet constantly changing.

Originally trained as a journalist, she came from a world of words. What could be more natural than to nail this new perspective of life with her poetic approach? A book about champagne from her perspective in the vineyards is on its way, and the blog about the work in the vineyards spiced up with photos, local angles and news from the business ensures her daily need of telling it all.

Since 2009 the Champagne Tange-Gerard label has made a big dream come true. It is the end of story of the grapes, but also where it all basically begins. The story of champagne begins in the vineyards and ends in the glasses, and everything in between is worth telling in words and try in tastes. This is all about selling a wine of course, but it is also about exchanging a passion. This is where everybody who likes or may like champagne can meet on common ground and talk about it. Here in Champagne or wherever you are. You may even like Solveig discover that the more you taste and talk, the bigger your envy to taste even more.

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