28. sep. 2009

Champagne: Selection makes the world your oyster

Selection is the absolute top of our classic range of champagne.

A champagne that represents the most sophistiquated quality this region has to offer : An old vintage champagne made with selected grapes, in this case 100 % Chardonnay.

Selection of grapes
We choose these white grapes with greatest care. Only from the very best plots amongst our group of growers and only in years where the important balance between acidity and sugar is simply perfect.

This provides an extraordinary high quality of grapes, a crucial basis to achieve the wanted level of quality. Still wines that hold promising scents and tastes from their very beginning. Where all extraordinary champagnes start.

Further a vinification with utmost care and the extreme importance of age.

No vintage champagne can be younger than three years : with its nine years in the bottle so far, Selection is already way beyond.

Work of time
Still wines of Champagne are usually rather acid.

The Selection still wines are no exception, but they will spend so many years in the cave that this surplus acidity will diminish naturally. We take our time to see this jewel of our classic gem develop its full potential.

The malolactic fermentation that is often used to remove some acidity is blocked to help the still wines keep their juvenile beaty.

The years in the caves let Selection transform into this rich type of champagne. A true reward of scents and tastes of fruits that are fully preserved.

Chardonnay on the nose
This is a Blanc de Blancs that provides you the full range of the wonders of Chardonnay-grapes.

A fine nose with scents of yellow fruits like abricots and Mirabelle-plums as well as a sweetness that in French is referred to as Pâte de Fruit. Along with the sugar you discover a sensation of grill or toast - Torréfaction - a sensation that truly reveals a well-matured champagne since it develops only with time as the wine ages in the caves.

The palate
As you continue to sip the wine, turn it around in your mouth before you finally swallow. You will experience a surprisingly powerful and yet delicate wine. Fruity and buttery and with the sweet sensation of pastries returning to your palate.

A pleasant mineral sensation will round off with a freshness that occupy your mouth for quite a while before it finishes off this dome of different scents and tastes with an elegant finish of lemon.

Selection is dosed very low with just 6 grams of sugar per litre of wine.

Elegant match with food
Selection is a wonderful partner whether for a starter or a main course that may be confit de canard as well as scallops, dishes with fish, poultry or even game. It can match a wide range of both quite tasty as well as more refined dishes.

It works very nicely with certain cheeses like for instance Mont d'Or.

Or just on its very own.

Long storage
You will not taste Selection before it has spend at least five years in its amber-coloured bottle with pretty engraved grapes.

With the right cellar you may want to keep the current vintage of 2007 for another five-ten years to get even more of an already special wine.

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