28. sep. 2009

Vieilles Grandmeres

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The plot - lieu-dit - of Vieilles Grandmeres is situated five kilometres further south on the other side of the village of Loisy-en-Brie. As for the old name of the fields we can all just wonder about the origins of it.

These vineyards are placed on slopes that almost form a shape of a semi-bowl facing southeast.

They have gradually been planted by Alain’s mother and cousin between the 70’s and the 80’s. One half is planted with Chardonnay and the other half with Pinot Meunier-grapes.

The topsoil is clayey in the upper part of these vineyards. Less than a metre deeper begins the layer of typical Champagne chalk that supplies the wines with the mineral touch, so special for this region. It radiates the warmth of the sun and it diverts the water as well.

These richer soils have a tendency to give a stronger growth of the plants. We therefore have to prune harder in the winter and remove surplus buds, branches and even grapes in spring and summer to ensure a perfect early maturation of the remaining grapes.

You will find this vineyard just outside the Côtes des Blancs-region in a terroir known as the Val du Petit Morin on the slope - côte - above Vertus in a height of 250 meters above the sea. At its feet the farmed land of a vast plain begins, the Champagne Crayeuse.

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