28. sep. 2009

Les Crochettes

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Grapeharvest 2009 in Les Crochettes, Soulieres.

The plot - lieu-dit - of Les Crochettes is situated in the commune of Soulieres just below the village itself and only about 100 metres away from the farm.

It is on a smooth slope facing east where the chalk is more than one meter away from the surface in its lower part.

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Alain’s grandfather has planted it with Chardonnay and a little bit of Pinot Noir at the beginning of the 1960’ies.

It may get the morning dew of the autumn as well as the potentially dangerous frost of spring, which is why the low part is planted with the late Pinot Noir-grapes rather than the early Chardonnay-grapes.

You will find this vineyard just outside the Côtes des Blancs-region in a terroir known as the Val du Petit Morin on the slope - côte - above Vertus in a height of 250 meters above the sea. At its feet the farmed land of a vast plain begins, the Champagne Crayeuse.

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