12. sep. 2014

Welcome to our grapeharvest

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Our annual grapeharvest - les vendanges - is up from September 17th onwards for a week full of work, food and fun.

We have enjoyed these last couple of weeks with sunny and quite warm weather. So do the grapes. They will add even more sugar. We have done samples in all our plots several times to decide when to start as well as the order of the plots. (Link: Our parcels).

So far, the quality of the grapes is promising with a good level of sugar and acidity.

The season began early with the first leaves out in late March. Spring continued without major obstacles and since then followed a very sunny and warm period especially in June. As so often before the summer was a mixed experience with periods of rain and others of sun. Difficult to master in the vineyards, our grapes have come out in a rather healthy state that should provide us some interesting wines for our Champagnes.

In 2013 we did our first plot Champagne, we expect to follow up with a different one in 2014.

Obviously we look forward to share it all. You are most welcome to come and see us for visits in French, Danish, English or Spanish. However, we prefer an appointment to make sure we are there.

Soulières, September 2014, Alain Gérard & Solveig Tange,
Mail : champagne-tange-gerard @ orange.fr