25. sep. 2009

Champagne: Valentine’s Day is no limit: Think Pink all year

Pink champagne is all about colour at first.

Many eyes are attracted by the delicate raspberry-robed wine which is why we keep it in a transparent bottle with a matching red label.

Next comes taste.

Rosé : A champagne of whites with a red touch
Our Rosé d’Assemblage is as dry as its white cousin, but it has different flavours that it owes to the special blend.

The Assemblage is a mix of 90% Chardonnay and 10% Pinot Noir-grapes.

In fact it is based on the same blend as our Tradition champagne.

When carefully mixed with 10% local red wine, made from the Pinot Noir, the aromas on your nose and palate change. The sensations of pink are red.

Red fruits party
You may recognise fruits like cherries and strawberries as you smell the Rosé d’Assemblage. They even reappear as you taste it along with blackberries and even peppers.

The fleshy taste of this rosé pleasantly stays in your mouth for a while.

Our current Rosé d’Assemblage is a non vintage of some age suggesting a lively wine with myriads of fine bubbles that will form into a regular necklace of bubbles along the side of your glass before they burst on the surface.

Special blend of Champagne
Blending white base wines with local red wine is a genuine as well as ancient speciality of Champagne.

As early as the 18th century, this attractive type of champagne was appreciated around Europe. Today it still is. It remains the only high quality wine in France where the AOC-rules allows a blend of white and red wines.

This blending takes place in the year after the grape harvest at the time of bottling (tirage). The fermentation in the bottle is followed by a slow maturation in a cool local cave that will enhance the flavours and tastes of this champagne, that is dosed with just 8 grams of sugar per litre of wine.

Multipurpose champagne
Pink champagnes like our Rosé d’Assemblage have grown more and more popular during the last 20 years. Due to the attractive colour but also to the all-round usage potential of this pretty wine.

It will fit your aperitif amongst friends or at a bigger party as well as a big range of meals from lobster, lumpfish caviar to white meat dishes and our local Chaource cheese.

In Japan pink champagne is an appreciated match for sushi as well.

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