1. okt. 2008

The AOP-system

Champagne is an AOP. An Appellation d'Origine Protegée. A product that is produced according to a number of strictly defined rules to ensure a high quality.

Amongst these are:

  • 1) We follow detailed instructions on how to deal with the vineyards.
  • 2) We harvest all grapes manually.
  • 3) We only use grapes from Champagne to make champagne.
  • 4) We never bottle the new wines until the year after the grapeharvest.
  • 5) Non vintage champagne mature at least 15 months in the bottle.
  • 6) Vintage champagnes mature at least 36 months in the bottle.

    The AOP-label guarantees that the wine has been made according to these rules. However you will find the AOP mentioned. The word champagne in itself is acknowledged as the AOP.

    Champagne has been an AOP since August 1st 2009, where the new AOP-system joined the French AOC-system on a European level. Champagned joined the AOC-system in 1935. Seven years after it in 1927 had introduced the délimitation: The strictly defined geographical area, where grapes for champagne can be grown.

    Other high quality wines, cheeses and meats of France are AOP's as well. Just think about Burgundy red wines, camembert cheeses and chicken from Bresse or ham from Bayonne.