21. jul. 2016

Sustainability : Thumbs up for your attitude

A vineyard is a fragile ecosystem.

We care about it. And your attitude makes a difference.

  • Thin gloves may break. If it happens, don't leave the pieces behind you some where. Please bring them back to the farm to throw them correctly there
  • Some of us smoke. The filters don't disintegrate fast. Please don't leave them behind you in the vines. Bring a bin bag yourself
  • Chewing gum may not be handy in your pocket. It is not handy in the vineyards either. Please bring a bin bag yourself to throw it correctly
  • We all need to pee now and then. But paper tissues actually don't disintegrate that fast. Please store your paper in a bin bag
  • We try to plan things well, but even so it still may not be perfect. Many from our staff have experiences from other jobs, that can be useful for us. Please don't hesitate to share, whenever you have an idea

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