21. jul. 2016

Terroir : les Belles Feuilles

The plot of les Belles Feuilles is situated in the commune of Soulieres, between the villages of Givry-les-Loisy and Soulieres.

We share this lieu-dit with several different winegrowers. Our part of it comprises 0,40 hectares.

The outline
The plot consists of two parts. The upper part spreads on a saddle shaped small hill, whereas the lower part gently descends towards the plain of agricultural fields. The orientation is east.

The vineyard is planted between 1968 and 1969. The orientation is east-west to benefit maximum from the sun.

The rows of the upper part are 100 meters long, wheras those in the low end reach 60 meters. We cultivate a total of 25 rows.

The Belles Feuilles plot is planted with both Chardonnays and Pinot Meuniers, about half of each.

The porte-greffe (the bottom part of the plant)is 41B.

The composition
The top layer of the soil (the upper 25 cm) has a composition as follows:
  • Clay soil: 29,8 %
  • Silt, fine: 34,5 %
  • Silt, coarse : 14,2 %
  • Sand (gravel?), fine: 7,5 %
  • Sand, (gravel?) coarse: 14,0 %

In the period of growth, we keep the plot free from the worst weeds like bindingweed.

This is done manually by working the soils with the tractor. At times with manual tools as well.

We always plough between the vines.

Between the rows, we either plough or let natural grass grow which is mown throughout the season, approximately from May to September (time of grapeharvest).

The rest of the year, we leave the weeds.