21. jul. 2016

Terroir : les Crochettes

The plot of les Crochettes is situated in the commune of Soulieres, just below the village.

This lieu-dit is cultivated by several different winegrowers. Our part of it comprises 0,4 hectares.

The outline
The plot is situated on a smooth slope that faces the east.

The vines are planted between 1963 and 1967. The orientation is east-west to benefit maximum from the sun.

The porte-greffe (the bottom part of the plant)is 41B.

The rows are about 100 meters long, we cultivate 42.

Particular of this plot is, that the first 10 meters of each row is planted with Pinot Noir or Pinot Meunier whereas the rest is Chardonnay. The philosophy is that the first 10 meters, the lower part, is at higher risk to freeze in spring. Since the Pinots burst a few days after the Chardonays, this was seen as a protection against frost damages, likely to happen in this part of the plot.

The composition
The plot has a composition as follows :(in the upper 25 cm):
  • Clay soil: 31,1 %
  • Silt, fine: 31,6 %
  • Silt, coarse : 16,8 %
  • Sand (gravel?), fine: 8,0 %
  • Sand, (gravel?) coarse: 12,5 %
The maintenance
In the period of growth, we keep the plot free from the worst weeds like bindingweed.

This is done manually by working the soils with the tractor. At times with manual tools as well.

We always plough between the vines.

Between the rows, we either plough or sow grass which is mown throughout the season, approximately from May to September (time of grapeharvest).

The rest of the year, we leave the weeds alone.