7. sep. 2015

Tange-Gerard Calling Chardonnay-lovers

Maybe you have followed our Blanc de Blancs as the vintages have changed from 2002 onwards? Maybe you have joined us along the journey? Or maybe you would like to try a specific vintage again? Now you may dig deeper into the taste of even more aged vintages.

Throughout the years, we have been saving a few boxes of our Blanc de Blancs vintages to be able to follow their development as well as to build our own collection of older wines.

Now is the first time we can invite you to join us in this journey with a vintage box of three different years of this 100% Chardonnay champagne. The bottles will enable you to taste examples of how time works on our Blanc de Blancs as well as the differences between the three years.

2007 - An early year in Champagne
This Blanc de Blancs was made with grapes from an early year with harvest in late August. Despite notes of age, this vintage still has acidity to develop a bit further if you store it correctly. However, it is an already perfectly enjoyable vintage Blanc de Blancs.

2004 - A year of abundance in Champagne

The 2004 Blanc de Blancs was made in a year with an abundance of grapes of excellent quality, as is this champagne with layers of age that provide a natural sweetness combined with deeper notes of nuts. You may enjoy it now or choose to keep it for another year under correct conditions.

2002 - An exceptional year in Champagne
15 years after, this Blanc de Blancs has evolved into a beautifully powerful vintage champagne. Fine and persistent bubbles with notes of toasted bread on the nose and cooked fruits (cherries) and nuts followed by notes from the forest and mushrooms on the palate. Powerful final and a sweetness that suggests the possibility of more to come in the cave. To fully enjoy this beautiful vintage, we advise to drink it within a year after purchase.

We have not sold these vintages for several years. This is your chance to get hold of older Blanc de Blancs for a price of 130 euros/1.000 dkr per box. The number of boxes is very limited. Please send a mail for more information.

The rest of our assortment features assembled champagnes Tradition and Noirs & Blancs, vintages Blanc de Blancs (vintage 2011/12) and Selection (vintage 2007) and rosés Rosé d'Assemblage and Rosé de Saignée. From early December we will sell our first Singles Line champagne.

Bubbly regards,
Alain Gérard and Solveig Tange, Soulieres, November 29th 2017