30. aug. 2015

Welcome to coming up grapeharvest in Champagne

Grapeharvest in Champagne will be on from September 1st. At Tange-Gerard, we will begin on September 10th.

Our team is ready. So are the grapes. And they are looking good, as any other year in Champagne. However, the summer of 2015 is not like any other. Warmer and drier than ever before as far as we are concerned.

In our plots we have had to deal with the drought, as the grass in the plots competes with the vines to reach the underground water. In some plots the grapes are smaller because they suffered to the heatwave as they flowered. No or little rain also mean that the plots show absolutely no sign of diseases like mildew, botrytis or oidium, always followed carefully in Champagne.

Thus we expect lower yields than last year and of good quality. The acidity could be low, for example the malic acid is measured low in samples. The sugars on the other hand high since the good weather continues for the moment.

These grapes will allow us to elaborate wines into the champagnes, you already may know. Our non vintage champagnes of some age (Tradition and Noirs & Blancs) and vintage Blanc de Blancs champagnes from 2006 and 2009. We suggest two rosé champagnes (Rosé de Saignée and Rosé d'Assemblage) as well as a sweeter Demisec champagne.

Everything is nice and tasty but don't take our word for it: We invite you to visit and try for yourselves. Please send a mail if you want to know more. Be sure to enjoy, Alain Gérard and Solveig Tange.