27. jul. 2015

Welcome to our world of champagne

A cold spring followed by a warm and dry summer. This is what the grapes looked like in late July.

At this time we noticed the very first, very early change of colours. These Pinot Meuniers still have weeks of work though before the dark almost blackish blue they will have reached as we approach the vendanges.

When the grape clusters begin to mature, the vines usually begin to slow down their incredible growth marathon, performed ever since the leaves came out in mid April. Now the vines will grow less and instead concentrate on the maturation of grapes.

Thus we will have less work outdoors and in the weeks to come begin to think about the grapeharvest.

We will pick 30.000 kiloes of grapes, which will enable us to elaborate wines into champagnes, both the types you already may know and a new one.

We suggest non vintage champagnes of a certain age (Tradition and Noirs & Blancs) and vintage Blanc de Blancs champagnes from 2006 and 2009. We suggest two kinds of rosé champagnes - Rosé de Saignée and Rosé d'Assemblage as well as a sweeter Demisec champagne. All nice and tasty but don't take our word: We invite you to visit and try for yourselves.

Our doors are open whenever we are there. Please send a mail if you want to know more. Be sure to enjoy, Alain Gérard and Solveig Tange.