21. sep. 2016

Grapeharvest 2016 is on

The grapeharvest is finally on at Champagne Tange-Gerard since the 21st of September. We expect it to last for approximately one week.

We began the picking in the Pinots of Loisy-en-Brie, and plan to pick the Chardonnays in the end. The quality of the grape so far seems fine. It was a nice surprise to experience that also quantity-wise we seemed to put more kilos in the basket than expected. The bit of rain we received lately may have contributed to let the grapes grow a bit.

Even the yields may not be quite as low as we have estimated, we will only know the final result in probably six days. And we don't expect to see usual quantities. The growth of the vines has been unusually troubled this year with frost in April followed by lots of rain and disease. This very unusual year will stay in our memories for a while despite the enourmous relief to be able to note that what we see and touch is good. As simple as that.

Thus with a smaller team than usual, we look forward to examine more closely what we will land in our buckets. Those grapes are the end of the growth of 2016, and they are also the beginning of the champagne 2016 of which we expect something different. Just like the year itself.

But that will be for later. At the moment we suggest non vintage champagnes of some age (Tradition and Noirs & Blancs) and vintage Blanc de Blancs champagnes from 2006 and 2010. We suggest two rosé champagnes (Rosé de Saignée and Rosé d'Assemblage) as well as a sweeter Demisec champagne.

Everything is nice and tasty but don't take our word for it: Our doors are open whenever we are present so why don't you pay us a visit and try for yourselves? Please send a mail if you want to know more. Be sure to enjoy, Alain Gérard and Solveig Tange.