19. jan. 2008


An easy overview of the contents of this site:

The label Welcome provides a brief idea about who we are Alain Gérard and Solveig Tange, what we want to do and where we belong in the vast bubbly landscape of winegrowers, champagnehouses and cooperatives.

Champagne is a region. In a minor part of it, vines for the sparkling and protected wine of the same name is grown. The area has certain geological characteristics that combined with the climate are known as the terroir. Our part of it consists of three different plots: Les Belles Feuilles, Les Crochettes and Les Vieilles Grandmères.

At the moment we sell five different champagnes. Each represent its own style, and they are easy to remember due to the colour of the label. Grey for the non-vintage blend, yellow for the Blanc de Blancs, brown for our top vintage, red for the blended rosé and pink for the macerated rosé. We list disgorgement dates here.

The star links us with the village of Soulières, the area of our vineyards, and from where the family originates. The label design is different than most because it is made in Denmark and most champagne labels are not.